Media Attention

Periodically, we receive attention from the media. Check out the links below to see the stories we’ve been published in regarding our current study

PBS, Closer to Truth 

Sentinel Enterprise – and here, and video interview


Other articles Dr. McNamara has been mentioned in:

Religion Religion Meets Science

BU Today- The Neuroscientist and the Theologian

ABC- Finding God in the Brain

VOA- Where Does God Exist?

The Economist: Where Angels No Longer Fear to Tread


TIME– What Do Your Dreams Mean? 

Huffington Post– Wet Dreams Aren’t Just a Guy Thing 

The New York Times- Take a Look Inside My Dreams

ABC- ‘Inception’ in Real Life? Researchers Rewrite Nightmares of PTSD Patients 

APS- While You Were Sleeping

Television Appearances

 August 2010, Russian NTV, ‘The Power of Sleep’,

February 2009, BBC (Horizon TV), ‘Why Do We Dream?’

November 24, 2009, NOVA, ‘What Are Dreams?’




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