Selected Publications on Sleep and Dreams

in-press1 Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams
Deirdre Barrett & Patrick McNamara (Editors)
This encyclopedia is one of the most complete compendiums of sleep and dream science available.
in-press1 Evolution of Sleep: Phylogenetic and Functional Perspectives
Patrick McNamara, Charles Nunn, & Robert Barton (Editors)
Cambridge University Press.
This book contains chapters by a range of experts on sleep in a very wide range of taxa from insects to humans. Several of the authors use the phylogeny of sleep website and database to provide quantitative analyses of sleep in various taxa.The two primary goals of this edited volume are to synthesize recent advances in our understanding of the evolutionary origins of sleep and its adaptive function and to lay the groundwork for future evolutionary research by assessing sleep patterns in the major animal lineages. The last text to summarize such knowledge was published more than two decades ago (Mayes, 1983). Research during the past two decades has produced major advances in understanding sleep within particular species. Simultaneously, molecular advances have made it possible to generate phylogenetic trees, while new analytical methods provide the tools to examine macroevolutionary change on these trees. These methods have recently been applied to questions concerning the evolution of distinctive sleep state characteristics and functions. The chapters in the book highlight these advances through chapters on studies of sleep within particular lineages and comparative analyses that provide insights to variation within and among major taxonomic groups.
Nightmares: The Science and Solution of Those Frightening Visions During Sleep
Patrick McNamara
Praeger Publishing, 2008
In Nightmares, Dr. McNamara explains why these frightening dreams occur from an evolutionary perspective, paying particular attention to the content of nightmares.
The New Science of Dreaming (3 Volumes)
Volume I: Biological Aspects
Volume II: Content, Recall, and personality Correlates
Volume III: Cultural and Theoretical Perspectives

Deirdre Barrett & Patrick McNamara (Editors)
Praeger Publishing, 2007
The New Science of Dreaming is a three volume series edited by Deirdre Barrett and Patrick McNamara in which experts explore the psychology and biology of dreaming.
an-evolutionary-psychology-of-sleep-and-deams-31 An Evolutionary Psychology of Sleep and Dreams
Patrick McNamara
Praeger Publishing, 2004
Dr. McNamara published the book An Evolutionary Psychology of Sleep and Dreams from Praeger Press.
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