Spirit Possession

Below is the table of contents for Spirit Possession and Exorcism: History, Psychology, and Neurobiology (ABC-CLIO, 2011, in press) by Dr. Patrick McNamara.

Table of Contents

Spirit Possession Volume ISpirit Possession Volume II
Volume I: History and Phenomenology of Positive Spirit Possession
Preface and Acknowledgements
Forward and Chapter 1: Cognitive Capacities Involved in Spirit Possession
Chapter 2: Spirit Possession and the Origins of Religion
Chapter 3: Masking and the Control of Spirit Possession Experiences
Chapter 4: Spirit Possession in the Upper Paleolithic
Chapter 5: Spirit Possession in the Meso- and Neolithic
Chapter 6: Spirit Possession in the Ancient World
Chapter 7: Priests, Prophets, and Kings
Chapter 8: The Divine Kingship
Chapter 9: Spirit Possession Developments in Christianity
Chapter 10: Spirit Possession at the Birth of the World’s Religions
Chapter 11: Spirit Possession in Non-Western Religious Traditions
Volume II: Demonic Possession and the Rites to Exorcize ‘Demons’
Chapter 1: Introduction to Second Volume: The Roots of the Demonic Possession Experience
Chapter 2: Brain Basis of Demonic Possession
Chapter 3: Freud’s Treatment of Religion and Demonic Possession
Chapter 4: Cases with Commentary
Chapter 5: Nightmares and Demonic Possession
Chapter 6: Protection and Exorcism Rituals in Traditional Societies
Chapter 7: Demonic Possession and Exorcism in the Ancient Near East
Chapter 8: Demonic Possession in Early Christianity
Chapter 9: Devils, Witches and the Birth of Modernity in Europe
Chapter 10: The Roman Ritual of Exorcism
Chapter 11: Some Concluding Thoughts
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