An Evolutionary Psychology of Leader-Follower Relations

An Evolutionary Psychology of Leader-Follower Relations by Patrick McNamara and David Trumbull is available to purchase through Nova Science Publishers. Click here for more details. Below is the table of contents.

Table of Contents

leader-follower relations
Chapter 1: Evolutionary Psychology Approaches to the Phenomenon of the Leader
Chapter 2: Leadership and Cooperation
Chapter 3: Dynamics of Leader-Follower Relations
Chapter 4: Leadership and Social Intelligence
Chapter 5: Language, Rhetoric and Leadership
Chapter 6: The Co-Evolution of War and the Dominance Strategy in Leadership
Chapter 7: Prestige-Oriented Versus Dominance-Oriented Styles of Leadership
Chapter 8: Cicero Versus Pompey: An Illustration of the Prestige and the Dominance Styles of Leadership in Conflict
Chapter 9: Caesar: The Synthesis of the Prestige and Dominance Styles of Leadership
Chapter 10: Alexander: The Synthesis of Prestige and Dominance II
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