The Translational Research Laboratory is designed to support research studies done by faculty investigators individually or in collaboration with academic/industry partners to take full advantage of the potential for research on human biological material at Boston Medical Center to generate research-based knowledge aiming at understanding hematology & oncology diseases.

The biospecimen repository provides long-term storage of human biological research material including blood, nasal and buccal swabs, saliva, stool, tissue, and etc. in -80° C and liquid nitrogen freezers for research purposes.

Services Offered:

  • Consenting and enrolling subjects to translational research studies
  • Processing of biological specimens
  • Shipping biological specimens
  • Coordinating with other laboratories and CROs (contract research organizations) for specimen testing and analysis according to the study protocol
  • Short and long-term liquid nitrogen and -80°C storage of specimens in monitored freezer
  • Creating and maintaining clinical databases
  • Writing and submitting IRB application
  • Assisting with IRB application maintenance (amendments and annual report)
  • Assisting with research protocol development and proposals writing
  • Assisting with paper writing and publication
  • Providing research budget estimation

Current Projects:

  • Prospective collection of microbiome and associated biologic samples in patients with malignancies and hematologic diseases. PI: Dr. Matthew Kulke
  • Multidimensional IO markers of response and resistance to checkpoint inhibition. PI: Dr. Matthew Kulke
  • Determination of genomic alterations in circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) associated with resistance to androgen-directed therapies in African American men with metastatic castration-resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC). PI: Dr. Gretchen Gignac, Dr. Josh Campbell
  • Barriers to breast cancer care: A survey study. PI: Dr. Naomi Ko
  • Assessing the serotonin metabolism pathway in intra/extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and gallbladder cancer. PI: Dr. Matthew Kulke
  • Single cell RNA Sequensing of solid tumors. PI: Dr. Matthew Kulke, Dr. George Murphy
  • Qualitative interviews to understand trauma history and resilience in a population of breast cancer patients at Boston Medical Center. PI: Dr. Naomi Ko


Principal Investigator: Matthew Kulke, MD

Program Manager: Kiana Mahdaviani, PhD

Research Assistants:
Casey Lu Simon-Plumb

David Li