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The mission of the CMU is to enhance the BMC/BUMC network by supporting and aligning incentives that strengthen institutional affiliation and professional investment in Community-Based Internists by enhancing their quality of professional life.

Our community includes all community-based, Internists who are BMC/BU Affiliates either as Clinical Affiliations (BMC) (CHC – Based & Private Practice Based) or Academic Affiliations (BUSM – BUSM School of Medicine or via the DOM Residency Training Program.)

Community-based Internists in the BMC/BUMC network are critical partners as well as network customers with important and specific needs and aspirations. To support them the CMU works to identify, further understand, and continue to develop strategies to enhance the quality of their professional life. We aim to create a supportive collegial environment, a “Professional Home” that enables CMU Faculty to access enhanced professional clinical and academic network that offer intellectual and collegial nourishment while fostering engagement with the BMC/BUMC system. This “Professional Home” for Internists in the community network aims to enhance the academic life and practice life of community-based internists.

Geoffrey Modest, MD

Dr. Geoffrey Modest is a community-based physician who has worked in a multicultural community in Boston for the past 40 years, where he has been seeing patients regularly as well as teaching medical residents from different academic medical centers. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and did his residency in Family Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He is a Clinical Professor of Medicine from Boston University School of Medicine and an Instructor in Medicine  at Harvard Medical School. In his free time, he has been writing primary care blogs since 2013, doing woodworking, building furniture and doing home repairs.

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