This elective is available for students interested in the Vietnamese health system or whose professional career would be enhanced by a unique international clinical experience. It is strongly recommended that the students initiate a plan for an overseas elective six months in advance, as logistics for arranging overseas electives can be difficult.

WHAT: 4-week elective in two to three different clinical departments at various Vietnamese hospitals.

WHERE: Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy and its affiliated hospitals: Hue University Hospital (400 beds), Hue Central Hospital (1100 beds), Hue City Hospital, Hai Lang District Hospital of Quang Tri Province, and other regional hospitals in central Vietnam.

WHEN: HCMP can accommodate most time blocks with the exception of July and August. Students must include desired time blocks in their applications.

CLINICAL ELECTIVE: Students can practice in two or three different departments (Tropical Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Emergency, among others) on rotation.

COSTS & LIVING: Students are responsible for all costs related to the elective. Staff of the HCMP can assist students in arranging appropriate living accommodations near elective sites.

LANGUAGE: Knowledge of Vietnamese is not required for most departments and clinical rotations but students will learn more from the experience if they are familiar with Vietnamese.

WEBSITE: More information is available at the Hue College website:

APPLICATION PROCESS: Any student wishing to undertake an overseas elective must complete a formal application. In order to obtain permission to work in Vietnam, students must submit a CV, statement of interest including desired time and specialty, a copy of valid passport, a letter of good standing from the registrar, and provide satisfactory references at least three months prior to the elective. In addition to application materials, students must also meet with Dr. Jeffrey Markuns in the Department of Family Medicine to determine eligibility and complete a short reflection questionnaire upon return. To begin the application process, please contact Kristin Shaw (, Program Manager, Boston University Family Medicine Global Health Collaborative (BUFMGHC). Please note: While BUFMGHC staff will provide any necessary assistance during the application process, students are responsible for the design and content of their elective experience.