Dr. Paul Schroy receives ACS Volunteer Leadership Award


Our very own Dr. Paul Schroy was the recipient of an American Cancer Society (ACS) National Volunteer Leadership Award during their award summit on January 29, 2024. This huge honor is very well deserved for all of the work that Dr. Schroy has done to support and elevate the ACS’s mission over the years. Congratulations to Dr. Schroy for this achievement!

Read more about the award below:

The Volunteer Leadership Award is presented to volunteers who have served as a volunteer leader for enterprise-wide programs, initiatives, or Board level committees or task forces. Volunteer Leadership Award winners have provided long and distinguished service to the Society at the enterprise-wide level. A volunteer must meet the following requirements to be nominated for the Volunteer Leadership Award:

  • Has guided a major project or program (from concept to implementation) that has become a part of the Society’s national ongoing work. Impact must extend beyond local community events and/or programs.
  • Has represented the American Cancer Society before other groups in a manner that has furthered the mission of the Society at a regional or national level.
  • Has served as an inspirational leader to other volunteers in and outside of their local community.
  • Has demonstrated commitment to the American Cancer Society through contributions to the solution of operational and organizational problems that extend beyond their local community.
  • Has supported the American Cancer Society’s mission holistically and across our priority areas (pillars).
  • Is currently serving as a volunteer