03/16/2014:  NOTICE!  Please download STRAP version 1.5.

Strap version 1.5 contains a fix for a recently updated website that is accessed by the program.  Without this fix, no GO terms can be imported into STRAP.


02/11/2014:  STRAP version 1.4 is available!

Strap version 1.4 replaces the CSV (comma-separated values) file with the TSV (tab-separated values) file. This allows the information in the protein annotation table to be saved as a TSV file and then imported correctly into Excel when there is a comma in the protein name.


02/03/2014:  STRAP version 1.3 is now ready for downloading!

Strap version 1.3 fixes some issues with (1) sorting data sets and (2) y-axis labels in the bar chart comparison of GO terms.