Department of Biochemistry mission statement 

The Dept. Biochemistry values diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. We believe that a multicultural community provides the best perspective on intellectual activities and academic development. We appreciate a broad range of scientific research within the biochemistry umbrella and embrace a broad range of ideas on how best to pursue our research in the interest of human health.

Our priorities:

  • Department infrastructure. Establish a diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging committee with joint membership from faculty, students, administration and staff.
  • Recruitment. Make effort to recruit more diverse faculty to our department. This will include bias training for search committee members, policy creation and implementation.
  • Retention. Establish programs to support new and existing faculty members advance their careers; maintain a faculty mentorship program and expand programs for faculty development.
  • Communications. Develop communications outreach programs and practices to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all department members.
  • Measurements. Track and report metrics on diversity and utilize research tools to measure and report success periodically.

We take professional conduct seriously.
Incidents of racism, sexism and other unprofessional conduct can be reported to, to the BU Ombuds, or to EthicsPoint. We follow the Appropriate Treatment in Graduate Education guidelines.

Departmental initiatives

  • July, 2020. Department of Biochemistry Diversity and Inclusion ad hoc committee meets to discuss the response of the Department to the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, and the consciousness raised by nationwide protests.
  • The Ad Hoc Diversity and Inclusion Committee commits to developing a mission statement and a survey of the diversity and inclusion climate of the department.
  • Department of Biochemistry faculty join the Graduate Medical Sciences Diversity Equity and Inclusion Steering Group.
  • Mission statement on diversity and inclusion shared with the Department.

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