GSDM Faculty Promotions

Congratulations to the following Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine faculty on their recent promotions.

Associate Professor

Head and shoulders picture of Manish BaisManish Bais, DVM, PhD, Translational Dental Medicine, focuses on oral cancer and skeletal biology, including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) degeneration and osteoarthritis. He is a veterinarian by training, also specializes in molecular and genetic studies of oral cancer and bone and cartilage remodeling, and develops novel mouse models for translating basic science findings to preclinical studies. Dr. Bais has successfully developed patient-derived tumor xenografts, primary oral cancer cell line-derived orthotopic tumor isografts, critical size bone defect, and destabilized medial meniscus osteoarthritis models, which he has shared with investigators at Boston University and with the wider scientific community. He is an associate editor of Scientific Reports, a Nature journal, and an ad-hoc reviewer on SBDD, SBSR, DSR, and SEP NIH study sections.

Clinical Associate Professor

Head and shoulders pic of Sheila Rodriguez Vamvas in whitecoatSheila Rodriguez-Vamvas, DMD, MPH, General Dentistry, has been serving as a Group Practice Leader in General Dentistry since 2013, offering clinical guidance in the pre-doctoral patient treatment center. Leveraging her extensive dental expertise, she integrates comprehensive dentistry concepts into her approach to dental treatment and patient care. Additionally, she fulfills roles as a course instructor and lecturer across various pre-clinical courses, actively participates in research endeavors, and contributes to multiple university committees. Dr. Vamvas has attained the distinction of Fellow from both the American College of Dentists in 2023 and the International College of Dentists in 2022. Her leadership extends beyond academia, as she has previously served as President of the Massachusetts Hispanic Dental Association and currently holds board positions in MAHDA and the Center for Oral Treatment in California.

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