GSDM Faculty Appointment

Congratulations to the following Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine faculty on his recent appointment.


Head and shoulders of man with gray hair wearing dark suit jacket, white shirt, bow tie, smiling broadlyKonstantinos X. Michalakis, DDS, MSc, MSc, PhD, Restorative Sciences & Biomaterials, is a clinician-educator-scientist with an extensive background in prosthodontics, biomaterials and biomechanics. Chair of the department of restorative sciences & biomaterials, his research focuses on identifying and treating biomechanical and biological factors that impact all aspects of dental care. His efforts will primarily include studying and understanding postural and gait disturbances due to dental or medical interventions in the craniofacial complex and providing a refined insight into cellular biomechanics, via advanced computer modelling and in-vitro studies, aiming to advance surgical implant therapy in patients with poor bone quantity and quality. Dr. Michalakis has built a state-of the-art biomechanics laboratory to support his research interests. This new laboratory, envisioned as a multi-disciplinary resource, is dedicated to furthering research and development in biomechanics and will complement the well-known biomaterials laboratory of the department.

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