Active Shooter Training Sessions

Considering recent incidents of gun violence, the Boston University Police Department and BUMC Public Safety will be offering two-hour active shooter training session on two dates this summer in Hiebert Lounge.

You only need to attend one session.

  • Tuesday, July 19, 9-11 a.m. Please sign up here.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 9, 9-11 a.m.  Please sign up here.

The first hour will be a police presentation on maximizing your chance of survival in an active shooter situation. You will be provided with strategies you should consider prior to police arrival and advised of what to expect when police respond.

The second hour will consist of group discussions, applying the tips you learned and creating a personal safety plan for any environment in which you find yourself (i.e. office, classroom, supermarket, restaurant, movies theater, etc.)

You are encouraged to up with your coworkers as a team, so during the group discussion you can have productive conversations about your space and develop plans for your safety.

As a reminder, support for faculty and staff to cope with traumatic events include:

Please review these important safety tips. If you See Something, Say Something by calling BUMC Public Safety at 617-358-4444 when on campus or dialing 911 off campus.

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