BUMC IT Announces Promotions, Creation of Educational Technology Group

As part of BUMC IT’s ongoing mission to evolve with education and technology trends and commitment to customer service, the following organizational changes and promotions  were recently announced.

Educational Technology, which previously was part of Educational Media, has been established as a new unit to bring dedicated focus to the areas of instructional design and research and instructional applications. Jana Mulkern, EdD, has been promoted to Director of Medical Campus Educational Technology.

Educational Media (EdMedia) remains under the leadership of Lucy Milne, MEd, and will focus on the areas of classroom technology and room scheduling. 

  • David King, BS, BA has been promoted to Instructional Technology Team Lead and is the point person for daily operations for BUMC Learning and Events Technology Services (BUMC LETS-AV Services). 
  • Chris Romagna, MBA, has been promoted to Instructional and Event Program Lead and is the point person for programs and events with specialized service requirements, along with playing a key role in classroom renovations and upgrades.

In other news, Ryan Turcotte, BA, has been promoted to Manager, BUMC IT Client Services. 

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