710 Parking Garage Construction

Construction will resume at the 710 Albany Street Garage on Tuesday, April 19.  The first phase of this spring’s construction will concentrate on the west side of the garage (closest to medical examiner building) and spaces will be blocked on all levels of the garage. This reduced capacity may cause delays at entry and parkers may be redirected to other parking facilities when the garage reaches capacity. Entry to the garage will be prohibited on weekdays between 2-3:30 p.m. to alleviate traffic issues affecting Albany Street.  Parkers with Off Shift permits will have access to the 610 Albany Street Garage and should go directly there if arriving during that time.

This first phase of construction will force the relocation of all Handicap/Accessible spaces on all levels. These spaces will be shifted to the north side of the garage, with the exception of the second floor which will move to the west-side interior lane, to avoid any grade issues for parkers. All relocated spaces will be marked with temporary signage.

Unfortunately, the electric vehicle charging stations will not be available during phase one. Permit holders who utilize these stations will have access to the stations located in the 610 Albany Street Garage; access times are still determined by permit type.

For alternative parking solutions or any other questions, please contact the Parking Office at 617-638-4915. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.



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