BUMC Moves to Unobserved COVID Testing

Effective Thursday, Jan. 27, the Medical Campus will transition to unobserved COVID testing for all students, staff and faculty. Testing becomes fully unobserved on Thursday, Feb. 3.

Please note the following:
• You will receive an unobserved kit (swab, tube, and plastic bag) when you arrive for your observed test during the transition period (Jan. 27-Feb. 2) and then receive a new kit when you drop off your unobserved kit.
• Only one kit is provided to each person. Lost or damaged kits will be replaced, but please try to avoid that from happening.
• Appointments are still required for unobserved drop-off. The same scheduling mechanisms will be in place as for observed testing along with the same hours.
• It is critical that the test is performed no more than 24 hours in advance of the drop-off to ensure the validity of the sample.

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