2021 Intersession Preparations

BUMC Facilities would like to conserve energy over Intersession in non-occupied spaces. Below is a list of steps to follow before leaving on holiday break as we head into Intersession.

Office Spaces & Labs:

  • Close windows.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment i.e. computers, monitor, lights, any portable heaters, copiers, printers, coffee pots, and lamps.
  • Lock all doors that can be secured; close any propped doors.
  • Contact the Control Center regarding any special conditions that may need to be monitored (email: CPO-FMO-BUMC-CONTROL-CENTER@bu.edu or call 617-358-4144).
  • Remove all holiday decorations.
  • Check all your lab equipment status before leaving and add contact information on -80 and incubators in case an event occurs.
  • Power down all non-essential lab equipment.
  • Turn off all sterilizers.
  • Refrigerators – Adjust the setting to 1 or 3 to keep the compressor from cycling on and off. If possible, empty the refrigerator and turn the unit off. If refrigerator is turned off, place a bucket inside to catch water when the ice melts and put some absorbent pads under the refrigerator to catch any water, which might get past the gasket. 

 Building Access: Most doors will be secured; entrance will be by card access only.

Voicemail: Please program and record an extended absence greeting to alert callers you are not available. If applicable, add directions for your patients.

Email: Please post an “Out of Office” message.

 Mail Services:

  • Internal Mail will be suspended; normal operations resume Jan. 3, 2022.
  • UPS & FedEx: Contact carrier to inform them BUMC is not open for deliveries.

On Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022 all adjustments to the buildings air handlers and hot water systems should return back to their normal set points to ensure everyone who returns on Monday, Jan. 3, enters into a normal working climate. 

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