Message from Karen Antman, MD, BUMC Provost and BUSM Dean

Dear BU Medical Campus Faculty, Staff and Students,

COVID-19 is spiking locally, nationally and globally, and thus all of us need to work together to protect our BU community as well as our patients, families and friends.

Currently we are seeing greater than 90% compliance with masking and physical distancing, but we must do better – especially when eating and after regular business hours. Please make sure that you observe COVID-19 safe behavior during breaks, at lunch, off hours and off campus.

  1. Please note compliance protocols for faculty, staff, and students. Note that sanctions for lack of compliance with face coverings and physical distancing can include suspension and termination.
  2. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility. If you see someone on campus who is not wearing a mask or physical distancing, please encourage them to do so. If this doesn’t work, please report it anonymously here. Please do not take pictures.
  3. If someone reminds you to wear a mask, please accept it with gratitude. We all forget on occasion and we are collectively responsible for each other regardless of our status as student, faculty or staff.

 Thank you for everything you are doing to keep our campus safe. Best for the Thanksgiving holidays. (And when you return to campus after the holidays, please test multiple times to contain any holiday related infections.)


Karen Antman, MD
BUMC Provost and BUSM Dean

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