Faculty and Key Personnel

The key personnel for the Boston University Medical Center Leadership Program in Vascular Medicine are the Program Directors, Advisory Committee Members, Clinical Faculty and Research Mentors.

Joseph A. Vita, MD Program Director
Expertise in Translational Vascular Biology Research
Robert T. Eberhardt, MD Program Co-Director
Expertise in Vascular Medicine and Non-Invasive Vascular Imaging
Naomi M. Hamburg, MD Program Co-Director                     Expertise in Vascular Medicine and Vascular Medicine Research
Advisory Committee
Richard A. Cohen, MD Chair of Advisory Committee
Expertise in Clinical Vascular Medicine and Vascular Biology Research
Adrienne Cupples, PhD Expertise in Statistical Methodology
David T. Felson, MD, MPH Expertise in Training in Clinical Research
John F. Keaney, MD Experienced in Clinical Cardiovascular and Basic Cardiovascular
Research Training Programs
Rick Ruberg, MD Experienced in Clinical Cardiovascular Training Programs
Clinical Faculty
Ducksoo Kim, MD Interventional Radiology
Robert T. Eberhardt, MD Vascular Medicine and Non-Invasive Imaging
Alik Farber, MD Chief, Vascular Surgery
Jeffrey Kalish, MD Director of Endovascular Surgery
Carlos Kase, MD Stroke Prevention and Management
Alex Norbash, MD Neuroradiology
Ashin Pande, MD Director of Endovascular and Structural Heart Interventions
Jorge Soto, MD Radiology- CT & MR
Research Mentors
Emelia Benjamin, MD Framingham Heart Study: Inflammation and Vascular Function
Richard A. Cohen, MD Vascular Biology and Proteonomics
Harrison Farber, MD Pulmonary Hypertension
Noyan Gokce, MD Endothelial Function
Naomi M. Hamburg, MD Translational and Epidemiological Research in Vascular Medicine
Elaine Hylek, MD Venous Thromboembolism
Alex Norbash, MD Neurointerventional Tool Development
Tania Phillips, MD Wound Healing and Venous Disease
Vasan Ramachandran, MD Cardiovascular Risk and Framingham Heart Study
Joseph A. Vita, MD Vascular Function in CAD and PAD
Philip Wolf, MD Framingham Heart Study: Stroke and Dementia

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine