Recycling in Non-Traditional Space

Not all of BUMC’s university offices are located in buildings managed directly by the university.  In these cases, recycling works a bit differently depending on the property manager of the specific facility.  Below are the guidelines for recycling in a number of the prominent facilities on BUMC that are not managed by the university.  This information is also cross-linked at the BUMC Facilities Management recycling page.

Crosstown Building, 801 Massachusetts Avenue

Corrugated cardboard is already recycled, along with paper goods.  After discussion with our waste hauler, Jet-A-Way, we are going single stream for paper based goods and a separate container for glass and cans.  This is an economic decision as the rebates for paper and cardboard is $0 right now, (Down from $70 a ton in May).  We will be instituting this in the next couple of weeks and modify as appropriate.  Building users will be notified via BU Control, memo’s and SPH’s website.

This program in Crosstown is run by Corcoran Jennison.

580 Harrison Avenue

GTI Properties have implemented the following recycling program at 580 Harrison Avenue:

We’re very pleased to report that we can now make recycling available to tenants at 580 Harrison Avenue.

We have placed a large, 10-yard, dark green dumpster in the big parking lot at 560 Harrison Avenue to receive recycling items.  It is labeled SAVE – THAT – STUFF.  Be careful because it looks like the other dumpsters which are for garbage.  If you would like to recycle, please take your items to that dumpster — the dumpster has a lock but will be open from 7:00am until 9:00pm.  If you have a nightly cleaning service, please make sure they understand the procedure.  Please also note that plastic bags are not accepted, so please make sure everyone, including your cleaners, understand that they cannot put those in the recycle dumpster.

I am attaching a list of items that can and cannot be put in the recycling dumpster —- please consult it and keep it posted for reference by everyone in your office.  Very important: all recycled items must be cleaned of food waste.

List of acceptable recycled goods at 580 Harrison Avenue.

Harrison Court

A recycling program has been implemented in the building by Fulton Properties. The recycling bins are located in the first floor trash room. Below is a guide for things that can be recycled using these receptacles.

Harrison Court Recycling Guide (.PDF)

Boston Medical Center Space (various facilities)

The recycling program at the Boston Medical Center (BMC) is currently run through a different vendor than Boston University’s program.  BMC uses a dual-sort program: large 96-gallon green totes are used for recycling all paper recyclables, while bottles, cans, and other co-mingled recycling material goes into smaller bins.

To find out where the closest BMC tote is to your office, contact the Housekeeping Staff through the main switchboard at 617-638-8000.

November 21, 2008
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