Allergy & Immunology Fellowship Training


Work Rounds:

Tuesdays noon R304
A forum for challenging clinical problems and enigmas

Chest Conference/Pulmonary Allergy and Critical Care Grand Rounds:

Wednesdays 4 PM
The entire pulmonary, allergy and critical care division along with several community-based practicing physicians attends the weekly Grand Rounds. At this interactive conference, first year fellows present clinical cases to faculty members. Key elements of the case are discussed. At the end of the discussion, first year fellows present a summary of the relevant literature. The intent is to highlight new and classical literature regarding diagnosis, treatment, or disease mechanisms. During the year, a broad variety of cases is presented, including: usual and unusual sinus and pulmonary infections; usual and unusual issues in asthma diagnosis and management; drug-induced pulmonary disease and other drug allergies; nasal, laryngeal and chest cancer; acute lung injury; interstitial lung disease and vasculitis. In addition, several conferences are devoted to core topics in allergy/immunology, sleep, and exercise physiology.

Journal Club:

Wednesdays 5 PM
Once a month, a journal club follows the case based conference. A fellow and faculty member presents a selected article and oversees the ensuing discussion. The goals are to identify new and interesting clinical findings, and to teach a critical reading of the literature in pulmonary, allergy and critical care medicine.

Senior Fellows’ Allergy/Pulmonary Conference:

Thursdays 12-1 PM
This is a weekly conference that is run by senior fellows. Individual senior fellows lead a case-based discussion on a specific topic along with a review of the pertinent literature. The conference varies from reviewing interesting radiography, case management issues, global trends in allergy and pulmonary care, and new treatment strategies. A/I fellows and faculty routinely present overviews of key issues in A/I management in addition to interesting patient-oriented issues.


Pulmonary Immunology Conference:

Thursdays 9-10:00 AM
Lab research conference and journal club

Work in Progress:

Fridays 8:30-9:30 AM
Presentations by faculty and fellows of ongoing research and by Visiting Professors from outside institutions.

Boston City Wide Allergy Immunology and Respiratory Conference:

Second Tuesday of the month

Allergy & Immunology Core Curriculum Outline and Training Program Directors’ Reading List

The AAAAI Training Program Directors’ (TPD) Core Curriculum Outline is updated every three years by the Core Curriculum Subcommittee of the TPD and is consistent with the requirements of the ACGME Residency Review Committee for training in allergy and immunology. The TPD Core Curriculum outline serves as a guide for our program’s curriculum.

The TPD Reading List includes articles that are felt to be the best resources for the topics covered in the Training Program Directors’ Core Curriculum. This can be accessed through the web site for fellows or by clicking here. Fellows will need to fill out an online form to obtain a password.