Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) Faculty Appointments and Promotions Forms

The following links will take you to various forms used in submitting faculty appointment and promotion applications. Once you have followed a link, please save the document on your hard drive before completing it. Then fill in the information in the spaces provided. Upon completion the forms should then be printed for your department chair’s signature, and then submitted to Faculty Affairs within the Office of the Dean and Provost at If you are a faculty member, please submit the form to your department.  Thank you!


All materials for faculty appointment and promotion applications must be received by the 4th Monday of each month, and will be included in the FAP Committee meeting, providing the appointment package is complete – please refer to the below deadlines.

BUSM Faculty Appointments and Promotions
2019-2020 Calendar
Dept. Submission Deadline (4th Monday of each Month)
BUSM Executive Committee
Review/Vote Meeting Date
04/22/19 06/26/19
05/27/19 07/31/19
06/24/19 08/07/19
07/29/19 09/25/19
08/26/19 10/23/19
09/30/19 11/20/19
10/28/19 12/11/19
11/25/2020 01/15/2020
12/30/20 02/26/20
01/27/20 03/18/20
02/24/20 04/15/20
03/30/20 05/27/20
04/27/20 06/17/20
05/25/20 07/22/20
06/29/20 08/12/20
  • This calendar is based on submission of a complete package by the stated deadline for all unmodified and modified Instructors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors.
  • If Faculty Affairs receives an incomplete package, the package may not be included until the next meeting so that the package submission error(s) may be corrected.
  • Unmodified Associate Professor and Professor package submissions, which must be approved by the FAP Committee, BUSM Executive Committee and then forwarded to the BU President for review/approval per BU Bylaws, will require extra time for review and consideration for approval.

If you have any questions about this process or the documentation, please feel free to contact Faculty Affairs via email, or via telephone at 617-358-9600.  Thank you very much.

Faculty Affairs Checklist 10.23.2018

Faculty Cover Page
BUSM Log Sheet

Chairs-Cover-Letter_Instructions 04.2019

Evaluator List for Assistant Professor (NON-BUMG/FPP)
Evaluator List for Associate Professor and Professor
BUSM CV Template(last update: 6/2/2017)
Solicitation Letter Template (last update: 2/21/2017)
Solicitation Letter Template for Clinical Modified Title (last update: 1/4/2016)
Affirmative Action Guidelines and Forms (last update: 10/22/2015)

Guidelines for Faculty Appointments & Promotions in the School of Medicine
Faculty Main Page

Explanation of Required Documents for Appointments and Promotions Processes at Boston University Medical Campus

Boston University Cover Page: This form documents a short summary, in narrative form, of the faculty member’s academic and administrative activities for appointment or promotion to the rank of  full Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor.

Boston University School of Medicine Log Sheet: This form is for appointment or promotion to the rank of Instructor, prefix “Clinical” or “Research” Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor, and secondary appointment (request at a separate time from primary appointment).

  • The votes of the Department Appointment & Promotion Committee:
    • The Department Appointment & Promotion Committee is generally comprised of members of the candidate’s department at all ranks; however, only those who hold a rank at least as high as that for which the candidate is being considered should cast a vote for the candidate. Once a committee vote has been taken, the votes are recorded on the form.

Chair’s Cover Letter: The Chair’s letter should provide a thorough description of the rationale for the proposed appointment or promotion, with particular evaluation of the excellence of the candidate relative to objective measures, outcomes, and benchmarks of pertinent peers.

Comment specifically on the trend of the candidate’s achievement and their potential for future success as a member of the faculty. Include a description of the candidate’s:

  • Scholarship: Describe the impact of the candidate’s scholarship in their field, trend of scholarly productivity, and the quality of the candidate’s publications. Include forms of less traditional scholarship that have impact in the department, school, or on the national level. E.g. curriculum development, formulation of clinical guidelines, and design of new assessment or evaluation tools.
  • Research: Where appropriate, describe the impact and importance of the candidate’s research in their field. Refer to the significance of peer-reviewed publications, trends of the candidate’s research productivity, grant funding, and presentations at national meetings.
  • Teaching: Provide a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s performance as a teacher. Reference teaching evaluations, direct observations, teaching awards, and appraisals of students and trainees relative to peer benchmarks. Discuss the candidate’s direction and supervision of post-doctoral fellows, theses and dissertations of pre-doctoral students, and, if appropriate, comments on the quality of the work of the supervised student or fellow. Evaluate the candidate’s contributions in advising, sponsorship of student organizations, or other work with students.
  • Clinical Activities: For clinical faculty, describe the specific role and importance of the clinical work of the candidate, using metrics of the quality of the candidate’s clinical work and benchmarks to local or national standards. How the candidate’s clinical work positively impact the teaching and research missions of the department and organizations on the medical campus?
  • Mentorship: Describe the candidates mentoring activities of students, trainees, faculty, and staff as appropriate as well as the success of mentees.
  • National Reputation: Describe the national reputation of the candidate citing specific examples that support the national reputation of the candidate (e.g. meaningful participation in national professional organizations, speaking invitations, development of national professional standards or guidelines, service on peer review boards and study sections, and/ or service on  editorial boards of professional journals).
  • Administrative or Leadership Activities: Describe the nature of any administrative or leadership roles of the candidate and how their performance has impacted the clinical, educational, and research missions of the department, school and/or hospital. Include quantitative measures of the performance of the unit supervised by the candidate along with comparisons to similar entities within and outside the institution.
  • Committee Service:  Please specify the candidate’s BUSM or BU committee service and include this information within the candidate’s Personal Statement as well as Chair’s letter.
  • Other Professional Activities: Comment on the nature of the candidate’s participation in departmental, school, or University affairs, and provide an evaluation of the quality of that participation since their last promotion and evaluate the candidate’s professional activities outside of the University.
  • Letters of Reference: Describe the suitability and objectivity of each reference to evaluate the candidate’s qualifications for promotion at the proposed rank. Include a summative statement regarding the level of support for the promotion from the references and explain letters of reference that are ambiguous or less supportive of the proposed promotion, if applicable.
  • Future Role: Discuss the candidate’s present and/or future role in the department or school, including teaching, research, and clinical care.

Personal Statement: In narrative format, the candidate succinctly summarizes her/his teaching, research, clinical, and service activities. Please emphasize the significance, innovation, and dissemination of your activities/work. For promotions, please only include information from the time the individual was last promoted. This needs to come directly from the candidate as a first person.  Committee Service: Please specify the candidate’s BUSM or BU committee service and include this information within the candidate’s Personal Statement as well as Chair’s letter.

Offer Letter with Term Dates (For Initial Appointments only): This is the letter originally presented to the candidate making an offer of employment and establishing the terms of his/her employment. This letter should make plain the date employment began as well as the date upon which the initial term of hire ends.

BUSM CV: The date on the CV must be current and cannot be more than three months old when submitting to the Dean’s Office.

Evaluator List: This list ought to identify and separate internal (i.e., evaluators from Boston University) and external evaluators. Additionally, the list of internal and external evaluators should be alphabetical. 

Evaluation Letters:

  • Evaluation letters must come from faculty of at least the proposed rank of the candidate (number of letters on chart below).
  • Evaluation letters must be on letterhead and signed.
  • Evaluation letters must specifically mention the proposed rank and comment about the candidate’s contributions.
  • Evaluation letters should be selected by the Department Appointment & Promotions Committee (candidates may suggest possible referees).
  • For appointments and promotions to Associate Professor and full Professor with unmodified titles only, none of the evaluation letters may come from close friends, mentors, and active collaborators. The letters must be at arms-length.
  • For appointments and promotions to  Associate Professor or Professor with modified titles of Clinical or Research, all evaluation letters are not required to be at Arms-Length.
  • Faculty Appointment and Promotion Arms-Length Letter Guidelines
  • Please contact Faculty Affairs with any questions via email or via telephone at 617-358-9600.  Our office is here to assist you.  Thank you.


Total Number of Letters Required Minimum Number of Letters from Non-BU Faculty
Instructor 0
Assistant Professor

FPP (Practice Plan)





Associate Professor

Clinical Associate Professor






Clinical Professor





Secondary Appointment: If submitting at the same time as primary appointment, both chairs are required to sign the cover page with votes from both Departments’ A&P Committees and provide joint chairs’ letter confirming the secondary appointment and specifying the role in the department.

If not requested at the same time as primary appointment, a BUSM log sheet with signatures from both chairs and votes from the secondary department’s A&P Committee, joint chairs’ letter to Provost Antman confirming the secondary appointment and specifying the role in the department, and updated BU CV.

Affirmative Action Documentation: In an effort to ensure that departments search widely and well for qualified faculty members, BUMC insists on the documentation of each search committee’s efforts to hire, including the plan for recruitment, the composition of the search committee, and the ultimate composition of the candidate pool.

Updated: April 2, 2019