APDA Webinar Featuring Marie Saint-Hilaire, MD, FRCPC, and Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD, Now Available Online

Dr. Marie Saint-Hilaire

Marie Saint-Hilaire, MD, FRCPC

BU Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program Medical Director Marie Saint-Hilaire, MD, FRCPC; and Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD, Director of the Vision and Cognition Laboratory at Boston University; provided knowledge, insight, and advice about mental health in a fantastic webinar for the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA). The webinar, entitled “Healthy Minds, Addressing Your Mental Health,” took place on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, and a recording can be found on the APDA’s website here. The webinar featured informational presentations by Dr. Saint-Hilaire and Dr. Cronin-Golomb, as well as a Q & A session with webinar participants.

Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD

This webinar was a part of the American Parkinson Disease Association’s Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease educational webinar series, which provides vital information about Parkinson’s from leading PD experts from a variety of backgrounds across the country. An archive of previous webinars can be found here.

January 9, 2019
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