Pain Management

Welcome to the Pain Management Group (PMG) at Boston Medical Center. We are a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the treatment of pain. The group is based in the Boston University Department of Neurology. For nearly ten years our group has been at the forefront of pain management and was born out of the increasing recognition of this common and often underestimated problem. We are proud to be one of the few multidisciplinary pain management groups in an academic department.

Our team is experienced in the evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of pain syndromes including:

diamond shaped bullet Headache and migraine
diamond shaped bullet Back pain
diamond shaped bullet Neck pain
diamond shaped bullet Cancer pain
diamond shaped bullet Peripheral neuropathy
diamond shaped bullet Arthritis pain
diamond shaped bullet Myofascial pain syndromes
diamond shaped bullet Failed back surgery pain
diamond shaped bullet Post herpetic neuralgia
diamond shaped bullet Radiculopathies
diamond shaped bullet Neuralgias
diamond shaped bullet Reflex sympathetic dystrophy pain
diamond shaped bullet Abdominal pain
diamond shaped bullet Chest wall pain

What treatments are available?

The full range of treatments and diagnostics for chronic pain are provided at Boston Medical Center. We perform minor nerve blocks and muscle trigger point injections and specialize in medication management. In cooperation with our anesthesia group a wide variety of procedures such as epidural steroids, nerve blocks and other procedures are available. In addition, our neurosurgical partners are involved in the implantation of spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal (spinal) opioid pumps. Our neuropsychologist can assess patients for medication suitability and offers biofeedback and stress management. Physical therapy and rehabilitative services are available on site through our physiatric service.


There are several ongoing medication trials for chronic pain and headache. Epidemiologic studies of geriatric pain and the neuropsychological components of chronic pain are in progress both at Boston Medical Center and at the Boston Veterans’ Administration Medical Center.


Education is a key activity of the PMG. The group is involved in presenting annual courses and lectures widely on various topics related to pain. In addition, the faculty are involved in student teaching and mentoring.


Patients are typically referred by their physician. Self referrals are accepted. We also accept patients from second opinions and expert consultation. Our main telephone number is (617) 638-8456. Fax no. is (617) 638-8465.


Dr. Perloff and Dr. Zhu discuss available treatment options for headaches, when to worry if it is something more serious and that if they begin to have a negative impact on your every day life, that would be the time to seek the help of a professional.


diamond shaped bullet Michael D. Perloff, M.D., Ph.D. is the head of the Pain Group.
diamond shaped bullet Shuhan Zhu, M.D.
diamond shaped bullet Amanda E. Macone, M.D.
diamond shaped bullet Katie M. McMillen, FNP

Other Faculty

diamond shaped bullet Christopher Wenger, M.D. Anesthesia
diamond shaped bullet Eduard A. Vaynberg, M.D. Anesthesia
diamond shaped bullet Maher El-Khatib, M.D. Anesthesia
diamond shaped bullet Isidore Berenbaum, M.D. Psychiatry

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