Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer

Fourier transform mass spectrometer

The Boston University Mass Spectrometry Resource is equipped with a 7T Fourier transform mass spectrometer. The instrument is a modified IonSpec Ultima and includes the world’s first active shielded FTICR magnet and two complete vacuum systems with electrospray and MALDI ionization respectively.

The electrospray system uses a Analytica electrospray source modified here to change the traditional ESI source to a nanoelectrospray ion source with the capability for up to three simultaneous nanospray tips.

The MALDI system uses the high pressure MALDI ion source developed here at Boston University’s Mass Spectrometry resource which has the ability to cool an ion’s vibrational motion in the MALDI plume. High pressure collisional cooling allows detection of fragile molecules such as gangliosides as the intact molecular ion rather than as metastable fragment ions. This is the first MALDI source of its kind on FTMS instruments and the second on any mass spectrometer.

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