Ajit K Bharti, PhD

Ajit Bharti, PhD                                                                                         Research Assistant Professor of Medicine                                   650 Albany St Evans Biomed Research Ctr
Boston MA 02118

Research Summery: The focus of my research work is to understand the regulation of topoisomerase I (topoI), particularly in response to its inhibitor camptothecin (CPT). Camptothecins (CPTs) represent one of the most potent classes of anti-cancer agent. Two topoI inhibitors, topotecan and irrinotecan are in clinical use and several others are either in preclinical or clinical phases of development.

However, only 13- 332% patient responds to the drug. It has been demonstrated that topoI is ubiquitinated and degraded in the response to CPT by ubiquitin proteosomal pathway (UPP). To understand this mechanism, we have isolated a topoI-associated protein complex and have defined the topoI degradation by UPP. Based on our understanding of the molecular determinants of UPP mediated topoI degradation in the response to CPT, we have developed an IHC based predictive biomarker and have started a retrospective clinical trial in colon cancer. We have developed and patented our monoclonal antibody and have completed retrospective study with colon cancer tissues from patients treated with CPT to develop the IHC based test to stratify responders vs non-responders. We have initiated the collaborations to set up prospective studies to bring the test to clinic.

Research Publications

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Bharti A, Ren J, Raina D, Chen W, Ahmad R, Kufe D. MUC1 oncoprotein is targeted to mitochondria by heregulin-induced activation of c-Src and the molecular chaperone HSP90. Oncogene;2006. Jan5;25(1):20-31.

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Shah A, Singh H, Sachdev V, Lee J, Yotsukura S, Salgia R and Bharti A. Differential serum level of specific haptoglobin isoforms in small cell lung cancer. Current Proteomics: 2010 Apr 1;7(1):49-65.

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Department of Medicine, Boston University
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Email: bharti@bu.edu