GH Summer Scholarship (BUSM I)

The Global Health (GH) Summer Scholarship supports medical student projects in the global health setting. The scholarship provides funding for first-year B.U. medical students to undertake research, language immersion, or community health projects during the summer between first- and second-year. The project/program must be completed in a developing country; however, students are not allowed to travel to a country where a Department of State travel warning is in effect.

The general time requirements are as follows:

  1. Research projects must be at least 7-weeks of full-time work (more is encouraged).
  2. Community health projects must be at least 6 weeks in length.
  3. Language immersion programs must be at least 4 weeks in length.

There is some flexibility for items #2 and #3 depending on each situation.

Guidelines for funding: Awards are disbursed as the end of June. Each award is up to $1500 with awards ranging from $500 (e.g., 4-week medical Spanish program) to $1500 (e.g., 7 weeks of research in African country). Each application is committee-reviewed and the amount awarded to each student is dependent upon the scope of the project, site location, time of project/program, and budget outlined by the applicant.

To be eligible for the GH Summer Scholarship, students must be in good academic standing and eligible for promotion to the second year; this means no Fail or Incomplete grades, and a maximum of two Marginal Pass grades.

Deadline and Application: The deadline for the GH Summer Scholarship is April 4, 2016. Click here to apply.

Links to Begin Your Search for a Project/Program: