BUMC LfA Video Overview, Practice Sessions & Resources

Visit the BUMC IT – EdMedia Website for a 3-minute overview video of the LfA (Learn from Anywhere) teaching experience, and sign up for an August in-person classroom demo/practice session.

You will find links to an FAQ, cheat sheets, quick video tutorials, and a request for virtual training on a variety of educational technology tools. Explore menu tabs for the new Room Capacities, more EdTech resources, and the Digital Media Studio 1-minute video/request form. Check back regularly for updated resources.

Questions or requests? Contact Educational Media Leadership: Jana Mulkern jmulkern@bu.edu, 617-999-8743 or Lucy Milne at lmilne@bu.edu, 617-279-3535 for additional questions/requests as needed. Email the team at edtech@bu.edu. Educational Media is ready to assist in your successful transition to LfA!

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