Weekly Safe Return to BUMC Update: July 9


The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine resumed in-person patient care on Monday, July 6, at its Patient Treatment Centers at 635 Albany Street and 930 Commonwealth Avenue. The reopening was a true celebration, as faculty, staff, students, residents, and patients were welcomed back with festive balloons and “Welcome Back!” signage. The resumption of in-person patient care marked the first day that students and residents were seeing patients in the School’s brand new patient treatment spaces, which were completed in late February just prior to the shutdown. The Patient Treatment Centers will be operating at 30 percent capacity overall (although exact capacity will vary from department to department) in this first phase of a planned four-phase reopening. The School will be seeing patients with emergent, urgent and elective conditions, although it will be prioritizing those patients with the most urgent needs. Dean Hutter has established a GSDM COVID-19 Compliance Working Group to evaluate and provide recommendations for progression from one phase to the next phase of capacity.

BUMC social distancing occupancy numbers

This website provides occupancy numbers for 130 centrally scheduled BUMC classrooms with social distancing capacity. Kerberos authentication required.


The R107 computer lab is being prepared as a BUMC COVID-19 testing center. MyPrint student printing stations remain available in the L basement near Chequers and L1102 Copy Room. Public computing for students is available in L1110. L11 is accessible weekdays from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. For updated information for L11 and the Alumni Medical Library, click here. 

Back2BU website

The University website contains information and frequently asked questions about returning to campus, which have been broken into categories, including Employees and the Workplace, and Testing and Tracing.

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