Victoria Herrera, M.D.

Professor of Medicine


Evans Center Webpage

Dr. Herrera’s laboratory studies the basic molecular mechanisms regulated hypertension. There is also analysis of Juvenile Protective Factors and Developmental Programming of Microvascular Aging, via the study of EPC’s as juvenile protective factors for microvascular rarefaction and increased risk for stroke, analysis of sodium intake in developmental programming of stroke, and modeling sex-specific susceptibility in stroke risk. There is analysis of pathological vasculogenesis and angiogenesis in cancer and vascular disease, studied through, target-specific molecular imaging of pathological angiogenesis, study of cancer-like stem cells in tumor vasculogenesis, and the study of novel therapies targeting microvascular instability in stroke. Lastly, there is the Nanotheranostics Affinity Research Collaborative, which consists of the study of nanotheranostic approaches to clinical unmet needs in cardiovascular disease and cancer, studied via in vivo proof of concept studies of emerging nanotheranostic platforms.