Application Process

Multidisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Research

Supported by NIH T32 HL07224 Grant
Number of postdoctoral trainees per year: 11 | Number of participating faculty: 41

This training program started in 1975, and thanks to continues support from NIH, for over 40 years it provides advanced multidisciplinary research training for postdoctoral (M.D. or Ph.D.) fellows with a major goal to enable and boost their scientific careers in cardiovascular science.
Trainees accepted into the program come from different backgrounds, but share passion for science and wish to engage into advanced cardiovascular research.

The official requirements:

  • MD or PhD degree
  • Commitment for at least 2 years (with a possibility for a 3rd year)
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct research
  • Publication(s) (including pending) in peer review Journals
  • 2-3 recommendation letters
  • US citizenship or permanent residency (green card at the time of application)

T 32 Training Grant Application

  • Max. file size: 100 MB.