samlabFlora Sam, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHFSA

My name is Flora Sam. I am an advanced heart failure cardiologist and physician-scientist investigator. My research is driven by clinical questions and taken back to the lab (bedside to bench).

Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute
Cardiovascular Section / Cardiomyopathy Program
Boston University Medical Center


samlabMaría Valero Muñoz, PhD

Hi, my name is Maria. After obtained my PhD in Madrid, Spain, I came to Boston in 2014 to pursue my postdoctoral degree in the Sam lab and I recently obtained my Assistant Professor of Medicine appointment at BU.  My research focuses is investigating the cross-talk between the heart and the adipose tissue during pathogenic conditions such as obesity or heart failure. Outside the lab, I like reading and cooking. I also love traveling and spending time with my family and friends.

samlabEugene Saw, PhD

My name is Eugene and I am originally from Malaysia. I completed my PhD study in New Zealand in 2020 and I am currently doing my post-doctoral training in the Sam lab. My research interest primarily lies in the area of cardiovascular disease, particularly the underlying mechanism driving the disease. Outside the laboratory, I enjoy traveling, hiking, photography and cooking.


samlabHannah Cooper

Hi, my name is Hannah Cooper, and I am originally from upstate New York. I graduated from Clark University in 2020 with a bachelors in Biology, where I studied the seed dispersal patterns of ants in Arizona. I am really excited to be working in the cardiovascular and medical research world! Outside of the laboratory, you can find me volunteering, cooking/ baking, traveling, or spending time outside with family and friends.

Past lab members: 


Former Lab member, Toni-Ann Duhaney, technician.

Former Lab Member Katie

Former Lab Member, Katie Rude, technician.


Former Lab member, Dr. Anthony Garcia, BUMC internal medical resident.

Rene-Quiroz headshot 3

Former Lab member, Dr. Rene Quiroz, BUMC cardiology fellow.








Former Lab member, Dr. Sujata Ramamurthy (was a BUMC internal medicine resident)

Former Lab member, Dr. Sujata Ramamurthy, BUMC internal medicine resident

Former Lab member, Dr. Sujata Ramamurthy (was a BUMC internal medicine resident)

Former Lab member, Dr. Eric Essick, Postdoctoral Fellow

Former Lab member, Dr. Sujata Ramamurthy (was a BUMC internal medicine resident)

Former Lab member, Dr. Komei Tanaka, Postdoctoral Fellow










Former Lab Member, Vassili Glazyrine, Master Student


Former Summer Student, Adam Sonnenberg


Former Lab Member, Conor Fowler, Research Assistant








Former Lab Member, Batbold Boldbaatar, MD/PhD student


Former Lab Member, Shanpeng “Sean” Li, MD student


Former Lab Member, Richard Wilson, Senior Research Technician








Former Lab Member, Albin Oh, MD


Former Lab Member, Elizabeth Faudoa, Research Technician

Louis Werner

Former Lab Member, Louis Werner, MS







Ross Okazaki

Former Lab Member, Ross Okazaki, MD