Yael Nillni, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychologist, Researcher

  • Title Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychologist, Researcher
  • Education Dr. Nillni’s research program focuses on the intersection between trauma, PTSD and other mental health comorbidities, and women’s health with the ultimate goal of improving intervention efforts for women. Specifically, she is focused: 1) women’s reproductive mental health – understanding psychological and neurobiological risk factors involved in the etiology and maintenance of psychological and physical health problems during hormonal transitions (e.g., perinatal period, menstrual cycle) and other facets of reproductive health (e.g., fertility), and 2) identifying sex-specific transdiagnostic vulnerability-stress pathways involved in the onset and maintenance of PTSD and comorbid disorders in women. She seeks to: a) understand mechanisms that contribute to psychopathology, particularly during times of hormonal flux, b) use this information to inform assessment and intervention efforts for women, and 3) implement these assessment and interventions within an existing medical care system.

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