R38 Scholars

Current Scholars

Sophie Claudel, MD
Research mentor: Sushrut Waikar, MD MPH
Career mentor: Lauren Stern, MD
Sophie Claudel is an Internal Medicine resident at Boston Medical Center who is pursuing a career as a physician-scientist within the field of Nephrology. She currently works in the lab of Dr. Sushrut Waikar using large secondary datasets to examine the social epidemiology of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Sophie plans to apply these findings towards future interventions to mitigate CKD progression in underserved populations. Sophie spends her free time baking, taking long walks in her JP neighborhood, and playing the flute.

P.J. Schnorr, MD
Research Mentor: Darrell Kotton
Career Mentor: Christine Reardon
P.J Schnorr is a third year resident in Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center who will be pursuing a career as a physician-scientist in the the field of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine after completing a chief resident year. He is currently conducting research as a post doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Darrell Kotton, and is interested in macrophages roll in lung injury and repair. Outside of medicine, he enjoys spending time with his family including his wife, Laurel, and son, Petey.  He also enjoys reading, hockey, fly-fishing, brewing beer, and cooking.

Past Scholars

Feven Ataklte, MBBS MPhil

Feven Ataklte is a MD and also holds a Masters degree in Epidemiology. She is currently serving as a research chief resident at Boston University Medical Center and NIH R38 Research fellow. Her current research focus on mild kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, and plans to conduct more research on atrial fibrillation using the FHS data.


Brian Schwartz, MD, MPH
Mentor: Charlotte Andersson
Brian Schwartz is a resident in Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center/Boston University School of Medicine and is an NIH R38 grant recipient in the Stimulating Access to Research in Residency (StARR) program. He is interested in epidemiologic and outcomes based research within the field of cardiovascular medicine and has a particular interest in heart failure. He received his MD at the Boston University School of Medicine and MPH at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY.