Deborah Stearns-Kurosawa, Ph.D.

Pathology and Laboratory MedicineDeborah Stearns-Kurosawa, PhD

Office: 670 Albany, Bio III
Phone: 617-414-7092


Dr. Sterns-Kurosawa’s laboratory strives to bring new therapeutics and novel diagnostics to patients using in vitro approaches, and model systems including pre-clinical models of diseases. A significant portion of effort is committed to translational medicine especially in the field of sepsis, inflammation, thrombosis and hemostasis. The laboratory focuses on studying the host response to microbial components by the establishment, standardization and validation of animal models. Most recently, they have applied high throughput technology to evaluate host responses at molecular level. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Kurosawa’s laboratory. New collaborations with Dr. Wetzler focus on the development of novel bacterial adjuvants.

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