COVID-19 Outcome Research

COVID-19 Neurobehavioral Outcome and Rehabilitation Research & Development


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A schematic representation and overview of the PRE-RE-SyST model

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COVID-19 and ME/CFS mirror the same effects on the brain

By Yelena Bogdanova
March 14th, 2023 in Long COVID, News.

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PBM to treat possible CTE in football players with TBI

By Yelena Bogdanova
March 10th, 2023 in PBM for TBI.

Significant improvements in 4 former football players with possible CTE: Transcranial photobiomodulation

In a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports, researchers from Boston University write that “this is the first report of a potential treatment modality to mitigate symptoms of Possible CTE.”

The study is a case-series report of four former football players who met the NIH criteria for Possible CTE and were treated with transcranial photobiomodulation (PBM).     PDF Download


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