Welcome New Residents and Fellows!

A big welcome to all of our new residents and fellows who started their training on July 1! We are excited that you have chosen BUMC for the continuation of your academic and professional career. We can promise you every opportunity to grow and develop in an environment rich in patient care, educational experiences, and research opportunities. Congratulations on your accomplishments to date and welcome to the BUMC Neurology!

Interns (PGY1)

  • Arianna DeGruttola, MD
  • Nicole Hayes, MD
  • Timothy Felong, MD
  • Kelsey Jones, MD
  • Haley Huggins, MD
  • Susan Recio, MD

Neurology Residents (PGY2)

  • Ava Bakhtyari, MD
  • Tatiana Greige, MD
  • Emily White, MD
  • Karan Hingorani, MD, PhD
  • Cayla Vila, MD
  • Emma Kaplan, MD
  • Robert McCormick, MD

Pediatric Neurology Residents

  • Amanda Romeu, DO
  • Tahir Sheikh, MD

Movement Disorder Fellow

  • Robert Martin, MD

Vascular Neurology Fellows

  • Rakhee Lalla, DO
  • Riwaj Bhagat, MD

Neurocritical Care Fellow

  • Deepti Virmani, MD

Sleep Medicine Fellow

  • Aneesh V. Kumar, MD

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