Research and Scholarly Activity Education Seminar #4

In this session, Janice Weinberg, ScD, Professor of Biostatistics, BU School of Public Health, Director, MS in Clinical Research Program and Statistical Editor, Journal of the American Heart Association, goes through a live biostatistics consultation with Assistant Professor Courtney Takahashi. Involving a biostatistician early in the study design process is critical, including conveying an understanding of how the proposed work adds to the field and ways in which study design features help enable this. Data management is discussed as well as statistical software resources available on campus. Additional training available through the Clinical Translational Science Institute, the BUSPH and various textbook recommendations. Watch the replay video here:


Designing Clinical Research, 4th edition, Hulley, Cummings, Browner, Grady and Newman

Fundamentals of Clinical Trials, Friedman, Furberg, DeMets, Reboussin, Granger

Study Design and Statistical Analysis, A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Katz


Link to BU CTSI Biostatistics Consulting:

Link to BU Biostatistics Epidemiology Data Analytics Center:

Link to BU Techweb Statistical Software Resources:

Link to Master’s in Clinical Research Program, including hybrid and online certificate programs:

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