Welcome New Residents and Fellows!

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A big welcome to all of our new residents and fellows who started their training on July 1! We are honored to have you as part of our department. As each of you begins your new journey, remember – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Interns (PGY1)

  • Ava Bakhtyari, MD
  • Cayla Vila, MD
  • Tatiana Greige, MD
  • Karan Hingorani, MD
  • Emma Kaplan, MD
  • Robert McCormick, MD
  • Emily White, MD

Neurology Residents (PGY2)

  • Alexis Clay, MD
  • Lucas Horta, MD
  • Sandro Marini, MD
  • Antreas Charidimou, MD, PhD
  • Dave Ho, MD
  • Shivkumar Bhadola, MD
  • Ryan Wang, MD

Pediatric Neurology Residents

  • Eliza Szuch, MD
  • Ivan Sanchez Fernandez, MD

Movement Disorder Fellow

  • Andrew W. Ferree, MD, PhD

Vascular Neurology Fellows

  • Kristine Arandela, MD
  • Shilpa Samudrala, DO

Neurocritical Care Fellow

  • Jeffrey Ruta, MD

Sleep Medicine Fellows

  • Wei He, MD
  • Usha Nandhini, MD


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