New Changes Starting 2018

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January 24th, 2018

Starting this year (2018), we have instituted a few changes to better serve you, including new correspondence email addresses, recent changes within the BUMSR analytical group, and upcoming updates to this website.

New Email Addresses

The previous email account ( will no longer be used for correspondence related to the Boston University Microarray and Sequencing Resource (BUMSR).

To simplify email communication within the BUMSR, two new accounts have been created; please update your contact lists accordingly:

For correspondence related to sample submission, shipment, and processing: (replaces

For correspondence related to analysis of experimental results:

Analytical Group

In October, Andrés Bretón joined Boston University as a full-time Computational Biologist, to serve two separate groups: the BUMSR and the new Single Cell Sequencing Core (SCSC). Andrés will be handling all analyses of new microarray and sequencing projects performed by the BUMSR.

Adam Gower, who has been performing and/or overseeing the analysis of all BUMSR projects since 2012, is assisting Andrés with this transition, and will remain available as a part-time member of the BUMSR to help with the completion of existing projects and to attend meetings with Andrés.

If you have any further questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact us.