NEW Illumina XLEAP Sequencing Chemistry Available!

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Illumina NextSeq Next-Generation Sequencing

The Illumina┬« NextSeq™ system combines the power of high-throughput sequencing with the simplicity of a desktop sequencing instrument. The NextSeq platforms enable sequencing of exomes, whole small genomes, and transcriptomes.

NextSeq 2000 Flow cells are available in three configurations – P1 for ~100M reads, P2 for ~400M reads, and P3 for ~1.2B – with options for desired read length.

NextSeq 500 Flow cells are available in configurations for high output (~400M reads) and mid output (~130M reads) based on desired read length and coverage.

The sequencing workflow is integrated with BaseSpace, the Illumina genomics computing environment for storage and collaboration.

For specifics on output options and read lengths, please see our pricing page.