Document List for Submission

The following is a list of required documents for submission for international medical students accepted to International Student Elective Program (ISEP) at Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine (BUCASM). Students are instructed to gather the documents listed below and submit them at one time at Documents Submission Center. All documents must be submitted no later than four weeks before the start date of the student’s first elective.

Tuition Payment: Tuition for one clinical elective is $3000 USD. Your tuition payment is due no later than the start date of the your elective; it may be paid using a credit card at Tuition Payment Form for International Medical Students.

1. Letter of Good Standing

Provide a letter of good standing from your home institution’s registrar or equivalent official indicating:

  • You are in academic good standing (i.e., you are not failing any courses);
  • You are in your final year of medical school;
  • You have successfully undertaken the following rotations (or equivalent of): Medicine, Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Neurology, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry; and
  • Your expected date of graduation.

2. Medical School Transcript

Provide a medical school transcript from your home institution.

3. Professional Liability Insurance

Your home institution must provide a certificate of malpractice/liability insurance coverage. Minimum coverage must be $1 million dollars per occurrence/$3 million aggregate. Your name must be indicated on the certificate for it to be valid. If your institution does not provide this level of coverage, you must purchase insurance directly through the Academic Medical Professional Insurance Exchange RRG.

[Students in the Hadassah exchange program do not have to complete this requirement.]

4. Criminal Background Check

Your home institution must provide a signed and dated statement stating that it has in its records a police clearance certificate from your home country (or other evidence of completion of a criminal background check in your home country) and is not aware of any information regarding your criminal background that would render you unsuitable for placement in a hospital rotation. The date of the police clearance certificate or background check must be within 1 year from the start date of the rotation.

5. Immunization Form/Medical Clearance

You are required to be medically cleared to undertake your elective. Send the Immunization form to your physician to be completed. You will submit this completed form to Medical Clearance (Boston Medical Center Health System Occupational Health). If you are missing any items, Occupational Health will contact you, and finally send you a message that you are medically cleared. 

6. Medical Insurance

You are required to retain health insurance coverage while undertaking your elective and provide proof of coverage. You must provide evidence of health insurance that covers you in the United States for – at minimum – emergency inpatient treatment. An emergency means the onset of an acute illness, which is sudden, unforeseen and requires immediate action (and which prevents the student from returning home to receive treatment).

[Students in the Hadassah exchange program do not have to complete this requirement.]

7. BLS (Basic Life Support) or ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

Certification Provide proof of current BLS (Basic Life Support) or ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification within the last two years.

8. Name of Guarantor

Provide the name and address of a guarantor who will take financial responsibility for any health care services that may be provided to you by the clinical site that are not covered by health insurance.

[Students in the Hadassah exchange program do not have to complete this requirement.]

9. Verification Statement for Boston Medical Center

Boston Medical Center requires a verification statement executed by your home institution . To generate this letter, send the Verification Statement (letter template) to your home administrator for completion; there are directions within the document. IMPORTANT NOTE: As part of the letter, your home administrator must verify that will have professional malpractice liability coverage (with a limit of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $3,000,000 in the aggregate) during your elective period. If your home institution provides this coverage to you, no further action is necessary on your part. However, if you are not covered by your home institution at this level, you must show proof of commensurate coverage (purchased by you – see item #3 above) to your home administrator so he/she may verify this information in the letter.