Marina V. Vetrova, MD

Dr. Vetrova is an addiction psychiatrist from First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, Russia and a 2019 NIDA INVEST Fellow under the mentorship of Drs. Jeffrey Samet and Karsten Lunze. Previously, she was a participant in the AIDS International Training and Research Program, funded by Fogarty International Center, performing HIV research under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Heimer at Yale School of Public Health. She has experience conducting quantitative and qualitative studies among people living with HIV and people with a history of substance use disorders. Dr. Vetrova also has experience in clinical trials of pharmacological treatment for substance use disorders, specifically alcohol and tobacco use disorders. Her current research focuses on the intersectionality of stigma related to HIV and injection drug use and its impact on health outcomes, including health care utilization in HIV and addiction care settings.

Medical School:

MD, Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Additional Pre-Fellowship Training and Experience:

Residency in Psychiatry: St. Petersburg Psychoneurological Scientific Research Institute named after Bekhterev, Russia

Addiction Psychiatry: St. Petersburg Psychoneurological Scientific Research Institute named after Bekhterev.

Clinical Investigator/ Research Associate: Laboratory of Clinical Psychopharmacology of Addictions, Valdman Institute of Pharmacology, First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg, Russia

Pre-Fellowship Related Publications:

Cepeda, J.A., Vetrova, M.V., Lyubimova, A.I., Levina, O.S., Heimer, R., & Niccolai, L.M. (2015). Community reentry challenges after release from prison among people who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia. International Journal of Prisoner Health, 11(3), 183-192.

Vetrova M.V., Aleksandrova O.V., Paschenko A.E., Toropov S.E., Rassokhin V.V., Abyshev R.A., Levina O.S., Niccolai L. M., Heimer R. (2018)  Early Stages of HIV Treatment Cascade in People living with HIV in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. AIDS Care; 1-6.


Postdoctoral Training, NIDA and NIH International Program, INVEST Drug Abuse Research Fellowship (USA) (2019)

Fellowship Research Projects: The role of dual stigma on the HIV care cascade for PWID living with HIV in Russia

Mentor: Jeffrey H. Samet MD, MA, MPH; Karsten Lunze, MD, MPH, DrPH