Meet Ludwine Paul, a BMC nurse practitioner since 2016 who specializes in cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Born and raised in Haiti, Ludwine has been able to use her native language to educate the Haitian community on all things cardiology.

Why did you choose to specialize in the care of congestive heart failure? Cardiology is rewarding, challenging, and exciting. I work with an amazing group of colleagues who share the same passion for taking care of patients. I chose to specialize in congestive heart failure to help patients understand their disease and empower patients on how to care of themselves.

Has being fluent in Haitian Creole advanced your relationships with some of your patients? Being fluent in Haitian Creole has its perks. I love taking the time to explain to patients what their disease is all about. Being able to embrace someone’s culture and incorporate it into their treatment plan makes it easier to engage patients.

I hear you have been able to educate your church community on cardiology. Tell us more! I am one of the worship team leaders and a member of the medical team at my church, Haitian Baptist Church of Lynn. During the pandemic, we held vaccination drives and provided education around COVID-19 and the importance of vaccination. I also had the privilege to present in Haitian Creole health sessions regarding heart disease, hypertension, and nutrition.

Why are you #BMCProud to be a nurse practitioner at BMC?I call it the invisible song – being able to do things that do not often make it in the metrics. As simple as sorting out someone’s medications whose primary language is not English and showing them what and what not to take. A smile to say, “You do not need to be afraid. I care and I am here for you.” Taking the time to ask patients what they understand about their disease, which frequently opens a door for me to educate and clarify misconceptions. We have such a diverse and unique population here at BMC, so being able to care for them and seeing the impact one makes each and every day, is all worth it.