All Funded Investigators

Investigators funded by the ACS IRG award

Investigator Project Dates Pilot Project Title
Kimberly Shea, PhD April 2012-March 2013 Vaccine Uptake of Cancer Survivors Identified in the 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Mikel Garcia-Marcos, PhD April 2012-March 2013 Towards novel therapeutics for cancer metastasis by targeting a key signaling interface
Hui Feng, MD, PhD April 2012-March 2013 Targeting DLST as a novel therapeutic intervention
Anurag Singh, PhD May 2013-April 2014 Identifying a kras-regulated micro-RNA signaling network in lung cancer
Gregory A. Russo, MD May 2013-April 2014 Feasibility/outcomes study of hypo fractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy as a boost to the prostate for treatment of localized, non-metastatic, high risk prostate cancer
Darren Roblyer, PhD May 2013-April 2014 Real-Time Non-Invasive Optical Markers of Chemotherapy Response for Personalized Adaptive Cancer Treatment
Marjory Charlot, MD, MPH, MSc May 2013-April 2014 Impact of Type 2 Diabetes on Breast Cancer Outcomes in Black Women
Dmitri Beglov, PhD May 2013-April 2014 Computational Selection of Small Molecule Inhabitors of the elF4E:elF4G Protein-Protein Complex Involved in Cancer
Xaralabos (Bob) Varelas, PhD April 2014-March 2015 Defining and Targeting Deregulated Polarity Cues in Breast Cancer
Trevor Siggers, PhD April 2014-March 2015 The role of LSF DNA binding in hepatocellular carcinoma and potential relationship to DNA binding of p53
Lisa Quintiliani, PhD April 2014-March 2015 Obesity intervention development for cancer prevention among a health disparity population using innovative photovoice methodology (special interest award)
Xuemei Zhong, PhD July 2015-December 2015 Heat-triggered release of immunostimulatory chemokine for cancer immunotherapy
Jennifer Beane-Ebel, PhD July 2015-December 2015 Establishing a preclinical model of squamous lung cancer to investigate novel chemopreventive approaches in high-risk smokers
Neil Ganem, MD July 2015-December 2015 Defining gene expression signatures for YAJP/TAZ-dependent breast cancers
Hiroshi Tokuo, MD, PhD July 2015-December 2015 Mechanism of melanoma metastasis regulated by Myosin-X
Elizabeth Duffy, MA
Joshua Campbell, PhD
July 2018-June 2019 “Histological and genomic characterization of premalignancy in prostate cancer from men with African Ancestry”
Christine Gunn, PhD July 2018-June 2019 “Developing Educational Materials for Women with Dense Breasts Using a Multi-Stakeholder Approach”
Kimberly Mak, MD, MPH July 2018-June 2019 “Establishing Routine Measurement of Patient-Reported Outcomes  for Radiation Oncology Patients at a Safety Net Hospital”
Dennis Jones, PhD February 2019-January 2020 “Understanding the role of cancer-associated fibroblasts in immune suppression and growth of lymph node metastases”
Gareth Morgan, PhD February 2019-January 2020 “Development of genomic methods for AL amyloidosis”
Jennifer Rider, ScD, MPH February 2019-January 2020 “Patterns in long-term prescription opioid use in patients with cancer who are HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected”