Cancer Center Retreat

The Cancer Center Retreat was held on February 28.  The event included the Center Director’s report, presentation of the Center’s four research programs, selected lightning talks, a presentation from the Translational Oncology Core (CTAP) and a poster session highlighting tools and resources that are available to the research community.  Retreat attendees were asked to select their top three lightning talks.  The four individuals listed below will each receive a monetary prize.  Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the retreat.

Population Sciences
Kimberly Bertrand, ScD
Epidemiologist, Slone Epidemiology Center Assistant Professor of Medicine
Aspirin use and estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer risk in African American women

Cancer Bioengineering
Hyeon Jeong Le, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate, Biomedical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cholesteryl Ester Accumulation Drives Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness and Metastasis

Cancer Biology
Sanghee Lim, Graduate Student
Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
STK25 Activates the LATS Kinases to Inhibit YAP/TAZ

Cancer Interception
Jiarui Zhang, Graduate Student
Medicine, Section of Computational Biomedicine
Nasal Gene Expression for the Diagnostic Evaluation of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules within the DECAMP consortium