Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research that is both basic and translational pushing the boundaries of discovery into uncharted areas that have future relevance to improving human health.

Along this journey, we bring our talented graduate students for whom we have developed a rich set of learning opportunities that include a strong curriculum in fundamental pharmacological principles, a robust choice of laboratory rotation experiences, and a unique industry-based partnership that enables them to experience first-hand professional life outside of academia.

Our faculty share a strong commitment to nurturing a diverse student community of emerging leaders that have every opportunity to succeed.

Advanced research in the translational sciences requires an understanding of the principles and precepts of a broad range of disciplines that come under the umbrella of pharmacology. From the behavior of atoms in macromolecules to the effect of molecules on the behavior of organisms, pharmacologists are trained to think in several dimensions simultaneously. This interdisciplinary need is reflected in our training partnerships with Boston University’s Department of BioMedical Engineering and the Graduate Program for Neuroscience, as well as our industrial training partners Pfizer and Biogen.

We celebrate the spirit of our student community and are proud of their initiatives to continuously improve the student experience via their own PharmEX student-run committee for faculty and student engagement, their Diversity Equity Inclusion and Justice committee, and their Graduate Student Forum that provides a safe space for student ideas and professional development. Please navigate these web pages to learn more about who we are and where we are headed!