The Dr. and Mrs. Franzblau Travel Award Committee is pleased to announce the winners of  this year’s Myrna and Carl Franzblau Student Travel Awards.  We had many deserving applications this year and were able to provide awards  to four PhD students  and four Postdoctoral Associates within the Department. The recipients  and  their advisors are listed below:

  1. Joe Kern (Varelas)
  2. Addie Matschulat (Varelas)
  3. Jarrod Moore (Emili)
  4. Matt Lawton (Emili)
  5. Tara Liyanage, Ph.D. (Costello)
  6. Nachen Yang, Ph.D. (Lau)
  7. Robert Mercer, Ph.D. (Harris)
  8. Zheng Zhu, Ph.D. (Lau)

These awards are made possible by the generosity of Dr. and Ms.  Franzblau and will provide funds to defer the costs of travel for these trainees to present their research at a national/international  scientific conference.  This year’s award selection committee was comprised of members of the Biochemistry Department Dr. and Mrs. Franzblau Travel Award Committee (Barbara Schreiber (chair), Alla Grishok, and Steve Farmer). The Department  thanks the selection committee for their careful consideration of all  the applicants.