Compare Two Copper IUDs

Compare Two Copper IUDs: Mona Lisa NT Cu380 Mini and ParaGard – Active (Not Recruiting)

This is a multi-center, controlled, randomized study comparing the FDA approved, non-hormonal intrauterine device (IUD), the ParaGard®, to an investigational, smaller version of the ParaGard®, called the Mona Lisa NT Cu380 Mini, that is approved in seven countries in Europe and in Canada.

This study aims to determine:

  • How well the experimental IUD, the Mona Lisa, prevents pregnancy
  • How well the Mona Lisa compares to the currently-used IUD, the ParaGard®, in terms of:
    • Subject satisfaction and continued use
    • Unsuccessful insertion of the IUD and IUD expulsion
    • Changes in symptoms of menstruation, such as vaginal bleeding, menstrual pain, and pelvic pain
    • Participants’ level of pain reported during insertion of the IUD
    • Ease of IUD insertion

The study will take approximately 39 months for each participant to complete. During this time, participants will attend our OB/GYN clinic at BMC for approximately 7 visits, including the placement of the IUD. Participation involves keeping a diary log of menstrual bleeding for the first year of IUD use. Participants are compensated $25 at each study visit, for time and travel.

Healthy women ages 16-40 who are heterosexually active, at risk for pregnancy, and are not at risk for sexually transmitted infections may qualify.

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