Other Studies (Not Recruiting)

  • Compare Two Copper IUDs: Mona Lisa NT Cu380 Mini and ParaGard
  • Phase 3 double-blinded placebo-controlled efficacy trial of EVO100 vaginal gel for the prevention of urogenital Chlamydia trachmatis anf Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection (EVOGUARD)
  • Implementation of Miscarriage Services in the ED
  • Maternal Lipid Metabolism and Placental Function in Early Pregnancy
  • Female Response Concerning Efficacy and Safety of Estetrol/Drospirenone as Oral Contraceptive in a Multicenter Study (E4 Freedom)
  • Mirena Extension Trial (MET)
  • Birth Control for Women with Cancer
  • The Impact of Internalized Racism on Reproductive Health Behaviors and Outcomes
  • Exploring the Clinicians’ Self-Perceived Role in Contraception at the Time of Abortion
  • Increasing Delivery of Early Abortion Services (IDEAS)
  • Altruism or Capitalism? Compensation Expectations for Study Participation


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